3D Golf Performance Coaching

Bill McKinney, PGA

A Sports Science Approach to Golf

Bill McKinney, PGA,
2011 SCPGA Metro Chapter Teacher   of the Year
Horton Smith Award Winner

California's only
Master Instructor
of both 
The Golfing Machine 
Impact Zone Golf
FlightScope Pro

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  Bill McKinney uses a unique combination of technology that works like an MRI for your golf swing.

  • Analyze and train with  high-speed video, FlightScope launch monitor along with various 3-D Motion Capture Devices for the club, the body, and the hand path.

  • Master proper Impact Dynamics--golf swing styles should only be upgraded to better deliver your club through the Impact Zone.
  • You will learn a dynamically balananced and an efficient 'spring-loaded' pivot that makes delivering the club through the Impact Zone considerably more effective..and safer on your lower back (low crunch factor).

Proper Training will ensure improvement and shorten plateau time. Has your practice been paying off?

All skill levels benefit from this training. The NEW SCIENCE of golf is here!

            SwingFitGolf will help golfers of all ages and abilities:     

  • Organize your training for real improvement instead of just "playing at it"
  • Learn how to 'Tripwire' your swing so the timing is simpler
  • Recognize and reduce optical and conceptual illusions
  • Improve power, consistency, and control over all shots
  • Stay motivated with productive 'Desirable Difficulties' training instead of drudgery practice
  • Train to be "comfortably THERE" with a performance stepladder strategy
  • Gain control of body, club, and ball.
  • Learn the  5 Impact Dynamics and the D-Plane, and why getting this wrong can kill your game
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