3D Golf Performance Coaching

Bill McKinney, PGA

A Sports Science Approach to Golf

Bill McKinney,
PGA of America,
2011 SCPGA Metro Chapter Teacher of the Year


Horton Smith Award

California's only
Master Instructor for both
The Golfing Machine
Impact Zone Golf

Certified FlightScope Pro

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A Balance of Technology and Experience

Bill McKinney, voted the 2011 Teacher of the Year for the SCPGA Metropolitan Chapter (L.A. and Orange County) is the head coach of SwingFitGolf Coaching based in Southern California and virtually lives on Planet Golf. He is an advocate of the best timeless advice and of golf's latest scientific breakthroughs. A bona fide golf geek, statistics nut, and a disciple of the Human Potential Movement, he has made unraveling the mysteries of the game his life's mission.  Division 1 college golf, lots of professional competition along with an obsession of the learning process allowed Bill to  apply his creative and analytical mind to the golf instruction profession.  A full PGA of America member, a Certified Master Impact Zone Instructor, and a Master's level Golfing Machine authorized instructor, he has been picking the brains of fellow professionals, but he has gained immense clarification from professionals from the fields of Physics, Geometry, Statistics, Kinesiology, Endocrinology, Physiology, and Biomechanics.  Recent revelations in sport science and coaching have proven that our previous models were simply failing us. Too much pop instruction does NOT turn into ball-striking and better scores.

For the past 25 years, Bill has been evolving his full-spectrum coaching approach and sharing it with many international professional and top amateur golfers including several mini-tour winners, college and junior players, and dozens of senior 'Most Improved' winners at their clubs. You WILL make huge improvements with subtle nudges toward a more geometrically sound stroke, motor control drills, and Deep Practice Drills.

Most importantly, Bill really wants to help you. His profound respect for how challenging golf really is motivates him to find the very best training solutions for every type of person. He is remarkably curious--he will jump-start your learning machine with an ample supply of analogies, images, and drills to instill.  Where before, certain variables were unseen, now they are precisely measurable and controllable. It is sometimes just one little adjustment that releases the magic, but usually it's a combination of 3 make or break things.

A sensible health and fitness routine is good for everyone and there's a sea of terrific (and not-so-terrific) information out here in cyberspace. The fact of the matter is that there are a few secrets about power generation that very few people ever even hear about. The therapeutic drills and exercises focus especially on upgrading your ability to integrate those important elements into your swing. These newly acquired reflexes will make finding a repeatable and effective IMPACT immensely simpler.  To develop golf-specific power, you will also be directed  to the safest and most efficient body and brain exercises we have found in all our years of obsessively seeking knowledge about a better golf and life. For the middle aged and seniors to keep their bodies and brains sharp, these exercises are imperative--Golfer or not, preferably Golfer.

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