3D Golf Performance Coaching

Bill McKinney, PGA

A Sports Science Approach to Golf


Body, Club, and Ball Data in 3D

30 years ago, video was considered modern technology. Now we have motion sensors and Doppler Radar which give us information down to a tenth of a degree and a hundredth of a second telling us things that no video camera can. The technology won't do it all, of course, it takes an experienced operator who can synthesize it all to be able to get to the heart of the matter.  Bill McKinney is often referred to the Bill Nye or "Mr. Spock" of golf, and is able to turn all the information into more accurate golf shots. If you had a medical problem, wouldn't you prefer a doctor with an X-Ray and MRI machine over the one
with just the stethoscope? Bill does still use video to get the broad strokes, but it's with the 'micro-mechanics' that we hit the ball.

Bill McKinney, PGA
2011 SCPGA
Metro Chapter
Teacher of the Year
Horton Smith Award Winner

California's Only
Master Instructor for both
The Golfing Machine
The Impact Zone Systems

Certified FlightScope Pro


SwingFitGolf  Champion Factory

3D Deep Practice Training is Bill McKinney's eclectic practice of modern and classic coaching drills and skills rolled-up into a full-service (3-D) approach including:

Screening and 3-D Motion Profiling
Every person is undeniably different and must find his or her limitations and learning style. This will save hours of frustration from trying to be someone you are not. The mental hazards in golf are like a minefield without an experienced guide. We use 3 different 3 D Motion sensors--one each for the club, the hands, and the swing's core, the pelvis. This is the future of analysis.

Video Swing Pattern Analysis
Still an important part of any legitimate lesson program, a video swing analysis helps you to see the good, bad, and ugly in your movement pattern. Most people end up "barking up the wrong tree" with regard to their mechanics. Bill's eye (with aid of his handy video camera) is internationally renowned for getting to the heart of the matter. Better mechanics equals better ball flight control. When mixed with 3D Capture, video can help the mental lightbulb go on.

'Desirable Difficulties' Drills
This program will upgrade your balance, reflexes,  and coordination...keeping the default system on YOUNG.  It will even make you better at every sport you do! Though the drills don't take long, the effects will cause an almost immediate improvement in motor control. Some are so fun, you'll want to do them for longer than the suggested times. Truth be told, you will learn to switch your brain ON whenever you want.

Short Game Coaching
No game is complete without a solid short game. It can be the great equalizer and momentum maker.  We will give you powerful drills and techniques to ensure confident contact and distance control. Bill got to spend some time with Seve Ballesteros and learned a surprising concept that will transform the way you forever think about the short shots.

Tracking Results
An important part of the process is tracking results. To maximize your progress, we need to continually monitor and adjust your program by using games and a golf statistics program . We can continually adjust your program so that you stay properly challenged and achieve your goals. This can be done on the FlightScope Skills program or with an online stats program.

Ongoing Training and Support
I will show you drills and skills to play the best golf of your life. You will learn valuable techniques that can be incorporated into your game (and life) for years to come. You are the owner/player and I am the Head Coach of your game. We will stay in contact to guarantee our success.

$125 for 55 minutes. Share the time with a friend for no extra cost.

$500 for 5 sessions
$80 per hour for juniors under 18 or college team players
Use the 'Contact' section of this site to inquire about the 3-D Mastery Coaching Program, single and multi-day schools, seminars, events, and corporate outings.

There's a whole world of spectacular golf out there that most don't even know is possible. I make people hit the ball and score better all day every day, and I can do the same for you and your family! There are only a very rare few of us who use or even know about this training breakthrough. When you experience it, you'll understand why it's so superior to conventional instruction.

Find out why Bill was voted 2011 Metropolitan Chapter (L.A. and Orange County) Teacher of the Year for the PGA of Southern California, then the 2012 Horton Smith Award Winner for educational contributions to his fellow professionals.

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